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Initially, the festival Cyberfest was conceived as a kind of space for Petersburg artists, where you can experiment and go beyond the classical and generally accepted. However, in recent years the festival has outgrown not only the Northern capital but the whole country. At the sites of Cyberfest today you can meet and foreign artists and nominees for international prizes.

Elena Gubanova, the curator of the festival, the artist: “The best festival in Eastern Europe, that’s why they want to be friends with us.” We are mocked by artists, we exchange lecturers, for which our festival, I think, is its main goal is to create an environment and create an atmosphere. there was resistance so that people understood that it exists, that it exists and this is very much in tune with our modernity because, without new technologies, we do not think ourselves. “

The guest of the festival from Turkey Oguz-Emre Bal presented an interactive sculpture to the spectator’s court. But without the help of modern technology, you can not see all its beauty.

Oguz Emre Bal, the author of the interactive sculpture “ Iclek” : “My installation represents an abstract perception of architecture: there are 26 balls that everyone can touch and even disassemble, looking at what’s inside of them. But, with your phone and virtual reality glasses, you can literally look inside each object, and this will turn your notion of space upside down and alter the possibility of using it. “

The main theme of the 11th cyberfest was the weather forecast in modern media art. According to the organizers’ research, digital clouds are waiting for us.

Timur Mamonov, Maxim Belyaev, Daria Varnovskaya, Angelina Vvedenskaya. The first channel, Petersburg.